Artisan Candles are made from the finest natural golden yellow and sun bleached white beeswax. All candles are hand crafted by artisan candle maker Christian Zygla.

P1020445cChristian originally comes from northern Germany, but has lived for many years in Camphill communities around the globe.  He has settled in tranquil Chatham, New York where he has established a state of the art candle studio making Angel Candles as his main focus.

Angel Candles

Instructions for making Angel Candles can still be found in some older craft books.  Due to their unique design, they can only be made by hand.  These Angel Candles have been hand dipped, rolled flat, and then twisted by hand.  The wick is pure cotton. Because they are hand made, no two candles are identical.

All materials used to make these candles are produced in the USA.

With the purchase of this candle you bring some warmth and light into your home.  Enjoy the angel as it unfolds!

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